Dirostahl today

At a glance

  • Approx. 450 well trained employees
  • Many years of experience and vast expertise
  • State-of-the-art system engineering in all operational areas
  • Worldwide distribution network

The Dirostahl Family !

We are one of the leading family-run businesses in the sector of open die forging.

With almost 450 well trained employees we produce open die forgings from 10 kg to 35,000 kg and rings with a diameter of up to 3500 mm. The base of our success is found in a combination of many factors: Years of experience, engineering know-how, and state-of-the-art system engineering in all operational areas

All Dirostahl products are subject to stringent quality control procedures.

Thus we can offer our customers even better services. These include professional consultation during the selection of raw material and manufacturing procedures. Furthermore, we offer professional support during the implementation of components and the ability to deliver our products all over the world. This enables Dirostahl to produce reliable products at a favourable price-performance ratio.

Dirostahl worldwide

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