09.04.2019: Out of the window

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Last week the time had finally come to exchange four press columns (tie rods) for our 4000-ton forging press. A renewal was necessary since the columns no longer met the requirements for precision forging - because of permanent high stresses of heat and scaling.
Following elaborate preparations (these tie rods were forged and heat treated in-house) the exchange could now take place.

The columns, having a weight of 14 tonnes and length of 11 meters, were handled with a special heavy load crane and were led through the narrow hatches in the roof of our press workshop. A precision job was required as the crane driver was without any visibility and was only directed by radio from the progress of his work. 
For all participants it was very impressive to see the accuracy which took place.

After a 4-week shutdown of our 4000-ton press (in the meantime our second 3200-ton press took over the forging work of existing orders) it could finaly resume its work.

Here you can find some photos and a video (YouTube)


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