20.12.2020: Happy Birthday !

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The entire Dirostahl team is sending out Hugs and Congrats to our former Managing Director, Dr. Manfred Diederichs, who is celebrating his

80. Birthday

on December 20th.

For more than 46 years he was leading and guiding the company Dirostahl with great competence and passion through highs and lows in our steel business. Facing so many challenges over the years, he was always listening to worries and needs of every single employee and worker and helping out, whatever it took. The Dirostahl team, and everybody who knows him, are really thankful about this.

Even apart from his company, Dr. Manfred Diederichs has always been and still is engaged in several charity projects, volunteering and advisory work for various business associations.

Thank you very much, dear Dr. Diederichs, for your continuous engagement in your company and your employees. All of us we are wishing you well today, well for your future.

Stay safe, and stick to your great sense of your humour.


Dirostahl worldwide

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