24.03.2020: Update – COViD 19

Dear business partner,

Exceptional times require extraordinary measures.

As a part of our active risk management we re-evaluate the situation in our company and for our valued customers on a daily basis. We are at your disposal - open-minded - for goal-oriented solutions in the handling of this current crisis.

For the unpredictable period of the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like you to take note of the following :

Our production as well as our supply chain are currently safe and additionally supported by a huge existing stock of base material in many different sections and steel grades.

In case of temporary closures of your factories we reserve the right to suspend your corresponding orders in our production and would only continue with production when these closures are over, and you have informed us in written about the re-opening. In this way we can use existing and new capacities to the benefit of all customers.

We do not take into consideration that necessary temporary closures will have any impact on existing purchase contracts between us.

To ensure our supply chain and reduce risks for transportation in an increasingly insecure logistical environment we will load and ship - until further notice - finished goods immediately - or advise readiness for collection, even if these goods are not yet due for shipment or collection.

We kindly ask you to advise planned closures and shutdowns as well as production re-openings early and to confirm them in written.

All these measures above should help us to ensure our supply chain in the best possible way.

We wish you all the best in these challenging times, stay in good health.
Best regards


Dirostahl worldwide

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