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At a glance

  • Vehicle fleet: 11 lorries
  • Long-standing collaborations with numerous forwarders
  • High-rack storage: 3.000 palette spaces for finished products, storage surface area 1.500 m²

Room for more on top

What logistics means to us: The right product in the right quantity, in the right condition at the right place, and at the right time!

Our motives for the installation of a fully automated high-rack storage system were and are simple: because it is practical and customer-focused: Reducing the logistic chain, expansion of the storage capacity, minimising delivery times, and keeping inventory for our customers.

If you do not have the space, we do - and we will be glad to store your workpieces in-house. This means our products can be delivered to you "just in time" and/or based on your demand. Our high-rack storage system has spaces for almost 3.000 pallets, it is distributed over 20 storage levels and has a floor space of 1.500 m². Each of the individual 6 shelf racks stands 20 m high.

Our delivery schedules are entirely based on your requirements. 

Even if the delivery date is fixed we remain committed to 100% flexibility. You may hire your preferred forwarding company or leave the delivery process entirely to us. Our own vehicle fleet consists of 11 lorries and for many years we have been working with the most reliable forwarding companies.
The cooperation with numerous shipping companies and shipping agents around off our service - whenever you request a shipment overseas.

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