At a glance

  • Extensive machining equipment for turning, milling and drilling
  • 3 workshops with a total surface of 9.000 m²
  • Pre-machining and finish machining

Precision work – Straight to the point

We machine even the most complex components. Regardless of whether conventional control or with the latest CNC-control, we manufacture precisely according to your specifications.

Our machining capacities

Rotating between centres

Span length up to 15,000 mm
Diameterup to 2,700 mm 
Unit weight up to 35,000 kg

Vertical turning

Span lengthup to 3,200 mm
Diameterup to 3,000 mm 
Weightup to 30,000 kg

Deep hole drilling

Clamping diameterup to 650 mm
Drilling diametermax. 340 mm
Workpiece diameterup to 900 mm
Drill lengthup to 4,200 mm
Weightup to 10,000 kg

Milling and boring machines

Milling widthup to 3,200 mm
Milling heightup to 3,000 mm
Milling lengthup to 6,000 mm
Weightup to 35,000 kg 

Finish machining or pre-machining?

We will fulfil all your wishes according to machining, drilling and milling on a total of 9,000 square metres with approx. 130 employees.

Now it is your choice

Would you like to reduce the wear & tear on your tools and machinery but perform the finishing processes yourself? Then preparation at our factory is the right choice for you. Or would you prefer a finished workpiece? We will then do precisely that. Workpieces up to 15 m long and weighing up to 35 t are processed on one of our 45 machine tools.


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