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Forged bars

Lengthup to 15.000 mm
Roundfrom 30 mm to 1.000 Ø
Squarefrom 30 mm to 1.000 mm
Flatfrom 30 x 25 mm to 2.000 x 600 mm
(in case of a smaller width correspondingly thicker)


Barrel/flange diameterup to 1.600 mm Ø
Lengthup to 15.000 mm
Weightfrom 10 kg to 35.000 kg

Discs, punched discs, hubs

Diameterup to 2.400 mm
(smaller dias correspondingly thicker)
Thicknessup to 600 mm


Blocks, plates (forged three-dimensionally)

Lengthmax. 6.000 mm
Widthmax. 1.800 mm
Thicknessmax. 1.000 mm
(in case of smaller thickness greater length and width)
Weightmax. 30.000 kg


Forged tubes, cylinders and other hollow forgings

Inner diameter250 mm to 1.000 mm
Lengthup to 5.000 mm
Weightup to 25.000 kg


Forged rings

Outer diameterup to 2.400 mm
Heightup to 2.200 mm
Weightup to 25.000 kg

Seamless rolled rings

Outer diameterup to 3.500 mm
Heightup to 800 mm
Weight10 kg to 8.000 kg

Flame cut forgings

Thicknessup to 1.000 mm

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