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Stainless steel was already a hot potato over 400 years ago, when it all began in the narrow valleys of the Bergisches Land.

Today, Dirostahl has a centuries-long forging tradition with roots in water-powered forges in the Bergisches Land region. We are one of the few forges that have started forging with water power. A look back to the 16th century shows that almost all of the Diederichs family’s ancestors were hammer smiths.

Back then, the water-powered hammers were used to produce steel bars for wheel tires, heavy horseshoes and large knives, for example. The goods were first loaded by horse and cart and then by rail. The water-powered hammers would later be replaced by steam hammers and steam boilers – the road to the future had begun.

After the First World War, the company already employed 20 people. In 1919, the company moved from Marscheider Bachtal to Lüttringhausen, its current location. There was also a siding here. Since then, the company has grown continuously.
What once started with 3 workers has now grown into a modern open-die forge with around 450 employees.

At a glance

  • Over 400 years of blacksmithing tradition in the Diederichs family
  • 1902: Purchase of the first water hammer
  • 1919: Move from the brook valleys to the current location
  • 1920s: Creation of the Dirostahl brand name
  • 1931: Foundation of today’s company. Karl Diederichs

By the way:

We took on our first apprentice in 1912 and trained him as a blacksmith. He then continued to work in our company for many decades. As you can see, we were and are also at the forefront of training!


Today, we are one of the leading family-owned companies in the open-die forging industry.
With around 450 well-trained employees, we produce open-die forgings from 50 kg to 35,000 kg delivery weight and seamless rolled rings up to 3,500 mm in diameter. We use all standard production processes – from forming, heat treatment and mechanical processing to finishing.
The basis for our success is the combination of many years of experience, specialist know-how and state-of-the-art plant technology in all areas of operation.

All Dirostahl products are subject to strict quality controls

This enables us to offer our customers special services in all areas. These include expert advice on the selection of materials and manufacturing processes, professional support in the realization of components and worldwide delivery capability. In other words: Dirostahl produces reliable products with an advantageous price-performance ratio – in top quality!

At a glance

  • Many years of experience and extensive know-how
  • State-of-the-art plant technology in all parts of the company
  • Worldwide sales network
  • 18t stock grades available
  • All current standards and approval procedures