Forging at the press

Freshly pressed with a difference

If the force of the hammers is no longer sufficient to sufficiently deform the material, our two modern hydraulic presses are used, which have a pressing force of up to 40 MN. In combination with our rail and free-moving manipulators, which have a load capacity of up to 40,000 kg, we can produce forgings with a gross weight of up to 35,000 kg.

The right production system for every workpiece

The wealth of production facilities guarantees our customers a high level of production reliability and a versatile product range. We provide you with individual dimensions and material properties – specially adapted to your plans. In addition, the combination of different stretching and upsetting processes optimizes the material structure and the degree of deformation of the workpieces.

At a glance

  • 2 hydraulic presses with up to 40 MN press force for forgings up to 35,000 kg
  • Forgeable lengths up to 13 m long
  • Flange diameter up to 1,600 mm
  • Disc diameter up to 2,300 mm

Insights into our production facilities