Our sustainability concept


Sustainability is a top priority at Dirostahl. Particularly in an industry in which this topic is not easy to implement, we have made it one of our central guiding principles. And we are proud that the concept of sustainability now has a major influence on our corporate and social activities. We focus on corporate management that assumes ecological as well as social and ethical responsibility.

Climate change as a driving force for change

We reduce the CO2 footprint
of our production in order to increase climate protection.
We calculate the CO2 footprint
certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 14064 (CCF) and DIN EN ISO 14067 (PCF) standards.
We save resources
by using electrical steel made from almost 100% recycled scrap, which is melted using green electricity.
We conserve resources
through optimized calculation of the insert weight during production (savings concept).
We improve environmental compatibility
by reducing the amount of materials used and regularly checking for more environmentally friendly alternative materials.
We have a circular economy
by manufacturing durable steel products that can be 100% recycled with our partners in the steel industry. We also have a circular economy concept in which we collect all recyclable scrap by type and return it to the value chain.
Our sustainable management
refers to the preservation of living conditions for all through the sustainable use of resources and sustainable production.
Our partnerships
To achieve our goals, we always work closely with our suppliers and customers to shape the ecological future of our market.

Our social commitment

Promoting health
Enabling education for all
Promotion of renewable energies
Protecting the environment, limiting climate change
Sustainability in the use of resources

We reduce our CO2 footprint through:

  • Use of waste heat from the oven for heating purposes
  • Energy savings through improved oven occupancy
  • Self-generation of electricity with photovoltaic systems
  • Optimization of feed water preheating in the steam boilers
  • Purchase of 100% green electricity
  • Procurement and use of modern and energy-saving plant technology
  • Investment in energy-efficient technology such as stove control and burner technology
  • Energy savings through process optimization such as improved oven occupancy
  • Active energy controlling: over 500 measuring points provide the data for continuous emissions controlling

Green forging

Dirostahl is supporting the decarbonization measures at steel suppliers. This effectively reduces the CO2 footprint of the products.

In addition, Dirostahl is committed to establishing a green supply chain for steel products in the area of forging and is already certified in these processes. On request, we can already certify the PCF of our forged products. This makes us a pioneer in our industry.