Company History

Dirostahl, Aerial view, 1958

At a glance

  • More than 400 years forging tradition in the Diederichs family
  • 1902 Acquisition of the first water hammer
  • 1919 Relocation from the valleys to the present location
  • 1920s: Creation of the brand name DIROSTAHL
  • 1931 - Foundation of today’s company Karl Diederichs

Playing with fire

... is what Dirostahl already did more than 400 years ago in the valleys of the region Bergisches Land.

Dirostahl can look back at a forging tradition that stretches centuries and it is rooted deeply in the water-powered forging cottages in the region Bergisches Land. We are one of the few blacksmiths who started with hydraulic power. Looking back into the 16th century, almost all the male ancestors of our current owner Dr Manfred Diederichs were blacksmiths. 

Back then, the hydraulic power operated hammers were used e.g. to manufacture steel bars for wheel tyres, heavy horse shoes or large knives. At that time, the goods were shipped with horse-drawn vehicles and by rail (today we have our own fleet of lorries available which bring our goods to you). Some time later, there was a steam hammer and a steam boiler.

After the 1st World War, 20 employees were already employed. In 1919, the company relocated from Marscheider-Bachtal to Lüttringhausen, which is the present location. Here it also resulted in a rail connection. Since then the company has been growing continuously.

What started out with 3 employees has now grown into a modern company in the industry of open die forging and ring rolling with approx. 490 employees.

By the way: 

The first apprentice as a blacksmith was already employed in 1912. He worked in the company for many decades. Even in the area of training, we were and still are keeping a strong lead!

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