Raw Material

At a glance

  • Approx. 30,000 t of raw material permanently in stock
  • Large selection of cross sections and ingot formats available for flexible manufacturing
  • Steel from certified and regularly audited steel suppliers

Raw material in different sizes and cross sections.

Our selection of high-quality raw material in form of cast ingots, billets and continuous casting guarantee the foremost quality for your products. Nevertheless, our quality management does not only start at Dirostahl, but begins at our certified vendors, who are also audited regularly.

In order to ensure fast and flexible production we maintain an inventory of approx. 30,000 t of various steels in a variety of dimensions. Our portfolio of steels ranges from low and mid alloyed steel, alloyed steel for quenching and tempering, case-hardening steel, roller bearing and tool steel, and stainless steel qualities.

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