Ring rolling

At a glance

  • 2 ring rollers
  • Seamless rolled rings from 10 kg up to 8.000 kg
  • Outside diameters of 250 to 3.500 mm
  • Rolling width up to 850 mm

Round and round it goes

On our two CNC-controlled ring rollers we roll seamless rings from pre-forged blanks.

All parameters ensure a perfect ring

A computer-controlled process-monitoring function provides visual data on a continuous basis and across the entire path of the roller. It displays the actual volume, the resulting actual dimensions, and a possible out-of-roundness of the ring. 

Of course all rolling parameters can be adjusted manually in order to optimise the process, if necessary. The rollers can produce rings from 10 kg up to 8.000 kg with an outside diameter of 250 mm up to 3.500 mm and a width of up to 850 mm.

The process of seamless ring rolling allows manufacturing with extremely tight tolerances. The use of raw material is minimised and the processing effort leading to the finished part is significantly reduced. Our rings are used to make gear blanks, planetary wheels, bearings, bushings, plain and ball bearings, tyre forms, grinding rings, sealing rings, flanges, cutting rings, and much more.

Latest ring rolling technology in use

Dirostahl has two modern ring rolling plants which are used to manufacture seamless rolled rings. In doing so we meet the high expectations of our customers, because we can produce rapidly, universally and cost-effectively.

In short: The future of ring rolling technology started with us a long time ago!


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