23.08.2019: Change of Leadership

On August 1st 2019, our present CEO Dr. Manfred Diederichs has taken over his new position as chairman of the advisory board.

The legal company form will change into „Karl Diederichs GmbH & Co KG“, a private limited company according to German laws. All existing contracts and contractual obligations will of course be continued.

Dr. Manfred Diederichs will not resign completely but still support the advisory board based on his lifetime experience in business, and he will also follow up personal customer relations.

His son, Dr. Roman Diederichs, will take over the role as new CEO officially from this day onwards but he has already been a part of the existing management since 2008. So this changement in the management with a next generation will guarantee continuity to all of our esteemed business partners.

Needless to say that Dirostahl will of course remain your reliable partner in the forging business - with a highly motivated team, who know you well … and who know your requirements well.


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