09.11.2020: successful qualification by TÜV for manufacturing

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DUPLEX 1.4462 acc. to VdTÜV Sheet 418, revision 2020-09-15
Successfully qualified !
We are happy to confirm a successful qualification by TÜV for manufacturing open die forgings in Duplex Steel 1.4462 (F51/UNS S 31803/Alloy 2205/AISI 318)
Not only that we are listed in this TÜV register, we even provide the widest range in size (open die forgings thickness up to 280 mm and bars up to 400 mm) of all suppliers listed.
TÜV is certifying one more time our significant capabilities to produce critical and complex components for ambitious  high quality applications.
Of course we can also produce and provide SuperDuplex grades as 1.4410  (F53/UNS S 32750) and 1.4501 (F55/UNS S 32760) for similar applications.
We are looking forward to your projects !


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