Hammer Forging

[] Hammerschmieden

At a glance

  • 9 steam hammers for forgings of 10-2.500 kg
  • Single-item and serial production
  • Suitable equipment for each form and size of the forging

Forging is one of the oldest handcrafts in the history of mankind.

Of course today we do not use hammer and anvil anymore. However, the principle remains the same. With the assistance of steam hammers and hydraulic presses, combined with our many years of experience, we produce forgings that precisely meet your specific requirements. 

Then and now

To produce smaller pieces weighing 10 kg to 2.500 kg, we use nine steam hammers with a weight of tup between 300 kg to 6.000 kg and a hydraulic upsetting press.

In doing so, the very small forgings are moved by hand using tongs and levers, which requires good teamwork from the workforce as well as a high degree of craftsmanship. The larger forgings are moved with electro-oil-hydraulic manipulators below the hammer. 

The open die forging process allows to select form and size of the manufactured forging, either in a made-to-order or series production.  


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